Trail to First Class

Trail to First Class at Fort Tejas is a special program tailored especially for newer Scouts who are working to the rank of First Class Scout.   Most of the time, this means first year campers, but not always.

A strong foundation in Scouting Skills is essential to a Scout’s journey toward Eagle, and we believe that focusing on this, rather than earning merit badges during a Scout’s first summer camp experience, will benefit him throughout his time in Scouting.

The Trail to First Class program allows Scouts to work on many of the requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class Scout ranks, and also allows them to come home with the Basketry Merit Badge.

Trail to First Class takes most of the day, and leaves one open period at the end of the day for other merit badges, activities, or free time.

Complete program details can be found in the Leader’s Guide