Health & Safety

Camp Pioneer is inspected by the county and state health departments, OSHA experts, and, toughest of all, the Boy Scouts of America. Last year, Camp Pioneer earned the highest rating given by the BSA inspection process. All parts of camp met or exceeded all necessary standards for facilities, health and safety, staff, and program.

Several roll calls are made each day to assure the safety of each Scout. A qualified medic on the camp staff attends to injuries or sickness. A fire and disaster plan is explained to all leaders and Scouts. A mobilization is practiced by the total camp at least once each week. All Scouts must use the buddy system when swimming, boating, hiking, fishing, etc.

Camp Pioneer has made provisions in recent years to make all of the main camp areas accessible to the physically handicapped. The terrain of the camp is fairly rough, and some areas are spread out. Arrangements can be made for transportation for handicapped Scouts through the Camp Office.

Medical forms must accompany each Scout and leader to camp. Each form must be signed by both parent or guardian and physician. The examination must be completed by a physician prior to camp but no earlier than one year prior to camp attendance dates. Arkansas law requires this.

The Medical Form can be downloaded from the National BSA Website by clicking this link: Health & Safety Forms

All medical forms must include a copy of the insurance card that includes the parents’ medical insurance information (or the leader’s own medical insurance information). The primary insurance for any medical services by a hospital or emergency room will be the family insurance. A written statement will be required of all individuals that have no family insurance. The camp insurance covers amounts over and above what the family insurance covers, up to $4,000.